A basic understanding of information security and compliance are critical to the success of thousands of organizations. Unfortunately, companies often misuse and misunderstand the two terms. Security is the sum of features and processes that protect your data from threats. The security team manages the consumption, utilization, and provision of the data. Effective security calls for threat identification via proactive risk evaluation and threat intelligence along with analysis and monitoring of your network environment.

On the other hand, compliance is a demonstration of how your security program meets certain security principles as set by regulatory organizations like HIPAA or PCI. Non-profit, governmental or industry groups usually determine this. The program acts as a basic blueprint for the security of different data kinds. These organizations that administer compliance rules issue them as a minimum bar of security. Execution is possible via assessments and audits conducted by a third-party or self-administered.

Following these standards is crucial to remain functionally viable. Hence, they only offer a framework for the bare minimum of protection required for data to be “secure.” ¬†Finding the right balance between security and compliance is essential for getting optimum results. To do that, ensure that both security and compliance are part of your regular business-as-usual operations. Also, ensure that risk management is part of all phases of your operations. This is because risk assessment shouldn’t be a once-a-year ritual, but an ongoing process.

We at Info System Support have an extensive experience of 10 years, coupled with the right knowledge and skills. Our team of expert technicians can offer 24/7 security and compliance consulting services and help you out in aspects such as security audits, assessments and inspections. We take into consideration all the IT industry standards for the highest efficiency level. We support companies in regulated industries such as Medical Services. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to help you save a ton of time, money and hassle, all the while optimizing your productivity and core efficiencies.

We also offer risk management services. Our services minimize the likelihood of something bad happening combined with the consequences of the problem. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


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